It all started with one text message: ‘Just went shopping, I can’t find any baby brand which is basic but still unique.. Let’s start a baby label together’.
That is how the Nixnut-story begins.

Otti and Renée Nix, two Dutch sisters. Both obsessed with tiny clothes.
A family duo who wanted to create a unique brand which they could share with their family, friends and many more. This creation became ‘Nixnut’.
Nixnut is a no nonsense clothing brand for babies and toddlers. The design has a basic appearance with a playful touch. This means natural colors, catchy details, premium quality materials and most importantly: it is comfortable to wear during playtime or during a laidback nap.
The collection is produced with care, Fair Trade, produced in Europe.

Ow, and the name? ‘Nixnut’ has a Dutch meaning for someone who is not doing that much, like a newborn who can literally just drink and sleep the whole day =)