OTTI STUDIO is brand new and making a big splash! Hailed at the AW17 edition of Dot to Dot London as Best Fashion Brand, where I discovered it, I was impressed by designer Lotte Goodwin and her all-denim designs. Lotte designs beautiful, durable and responsibly-sourced 100% cotton denim statement garments in gender-neutral styles.

The designs are all clean lines, yet there’s whimsy. The details are quirky, but classic. The looks are modern, but timeless. Less is definitely more, in this case. The entire collection is manufactured in London, England and has an industrial feel. Lotte is committed to creating clothes that last generations and that will withstand all the roughness of childhood. has named it as a brand to look out for & Pirouette named OTTI one of their One to Watch brands.

We are one of just three locations selling OTTI STUDIO, so you will definitely be buying an exclusive piece of clothing.

Fun fact: Lotte named the brand OTTI after a nickname one of her nannying charges had for her. The little girl was unable to pronounce Lotte correctly and settled on calling her nanny Otti.