WAWA CPH is now available at Pluk & Paloma!

WAWA is a children’s wear brand for all kids between 3 and 8 years. It’s a tribute to the child’s sense for simplistic details and paves the way for a sustainable universe inspired by an unlimited creativity.

WAWA was founded by Johanna Topooco in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2016.

WAWA means “child” in Aymara – a native language spoken by Indians in Bolivia and Peru. WAWA is also part of Johanna’s middle name, Warawara Wawa, which means “Star child”. Much of Johanna’s inspiration of creating timeless and refined collections comes from her Indian father’s long-life mix of depending on worship of nature and a clean Scandinavian cut.

WAWA wants to be the living proof that pleasure can be found in the simplest things, and that it is important to respect and cherish culture and nature.