Fish DIY Paper Lantern – Pink || Vasili Lights


The beautifully designed paper lantern fish by Vasili Lights creates a soft, warm glow that adds atmosphere to any room. Inspired by the goldfish, this DIY paper lantern casts extraordinary light patterns onto the walls and ceilings thanks to its small perforations. Add joy to a children’s room with this fun and playful lampshade that will delight kids of all ages.

The Fish DIY paper lantern won’t just add ambiance to your home—it’s also designed to be fun and easy to assemble!

Most of the work has already been done—the sections have been pre-cut and the folding lines have been perforated. Here’s the coolest part: All you have to do is fold along the lines and glue the sections together! Making your very own DIY paper lampshade is the perfect crafting project for you and your kids!

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