Protecting Sun Screen SPF50 || Naïf


  • Suited for babies & kids (and adults)

  • Skin friendly: thanks to natural UV filters

  • UVA + UVB protection

  • Ocean friendly

  • Water resistant

A child’s or baby’s skin is extremely vulnerable. Using sunscreen is a must. But, what should you look for in a sunscreen? Naïf’s Protecting Sunscreen is perfectly suited for any skin type, including newborns. And you can use it, as well.

For our sunscreen, we have consciously made the choice to use a natural filter based on titanium dioxide. It’s easy to apply and spread thanks to coconut and olive oil and does not contain nanoparticles. The previous one wasn’t quite as easy to apply and spread, as you might have noticed. Besides protection, we also wanted to improve user friendliness. Has the white cast disappeared due to the use of oils? No, a faint white cast will still be visible, due to the lack of nanoparticles. But, hey, protection from the sun remains our number 1 concern, right?

100 ml

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